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Through POTKURI you have the opportunity to become part of future top talents network. The projects offer opportunities to develop your skills in start-ups and network with the business world.

POTKURI also provides support and funding for bold and innovative ideas. If you need a boost, contact us!


What is POTKURI Investments

Through POTKURI, you have the opportunity to become part of a network of the top talent of the future. Projects offer the opportunity to develop your skills in start-ups and network with the business world. In addition, we offer our network job opportunities according to the needs of our client companies. Membership of the POTKURI community requires nothing from you and is completely free of charge.


What kind of profiles are we looking for?

We welcome entrepreneurial, motivated, skilled and well-educated people to join our community. However, we do not have strict criteria for selecting our members, but a motivated and enthusiastic attitude to learn more about business and society goes a long way. To join the network, all you need to do is fill in the membership form, which you can access via the link at the bottom of the page. Feel free to apply regardless of your background – applications will be handled on an individual basis.

POTKURI offers a unique opportunity for young top performers of the future to get to know start-ups, gain relevant work experience in their field, and practice teamwork and presentation skills in a real business environment. In addition, as part of a unique community, you will network with talented people from different backgrounds.


Why join the POTKURI talent network?

By joining POTKURI’s talent network, you will have the opportunity to be involved in exploring the possibilities of early-stage business ideas and presenting research results to POTKURI’s investment community. If enough funding is found for the business idea, we will try to offer the people involved in the study an ownership stake in the new company and/or the opportunity to continue working for the company.

We also offer job opportunities to members of our network to meet the recruitment needs of our client companies. So, the better we know you, the better chance you have of being recruited for your future dream job! POTKURI also provides support and funding for bold and innovative ideas from young people. If you have a ready-made business idea and need funding and/or support to start your business, feel free to contact us! We also want to support the progress of our network’s studies by providing our members with topics and ideas for theses and dissertations. You may be able to commission your thesis for POTKURI or one of our client companies.




The application process for talents


You fill in the application form on the POTKURI website and submit it to the POTKURI database. It takes only a few minutes to complete the application.


The application will be reviewed and, if necessary, the applicant may be invited for a short interview to clarify the profile.


The person will be added to the POTKURI talent network, giving him/her the opportunity to work on interesting start-up projects and network with other future top talents, entrepreneurs, and investors.


Members of the talent network will be offered projects that match their skills, for example, to explore the viability of business ideas. They can also be recruited directly into our client companies.


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