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Opportunities in the business world

Do you have a world-changing business idea that you’re looking for help and funding for? Do you want to start a successful business, but you’re stuck for next steps?

Or would you like to navigate an existing business idea?

Potkuri is a business dock with a mission to launch new innovations and together build real success stories



What is POTKURI?

POTKURI is a business dock that develops business ideas and start-ups from small vessels into ocean-going cruise ships for international waters. We are looking for new business ideas to join our fleet of growth companies, and for top entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial dreams, the desire to take the helm of their own business and the attitude to tackle business challenges in all weathers.

Why join POTKURI’s Talent Dock?

POTKURI’s talent dock offers a unique opportunity to build your own growth company together with experienced, business-savvy sailors with the contacts, expertise and financial support to help you on your way to success.

As a partner, POTKURI continuously supports the development of your business idea and the different stages of your business. We bring stability to your business, for example by providing financing, anchoring new investors in your growth story, and helping you stay on track. Whether your business idea is a product or a service, we pilot your idea for the right target groups and act as an icebreaker for new leads. POTKURI helps you get your first customers and the right partners that would otherwise be difficult for a fledgling entrepreneur to find. And we will never leave you stranded, but in various business shipwrecks we will help you navigate your way to new beginnings. Whether you’re sailing the red or blue seas, we’re always there to help you through calm and stormy seas. You can focus on skippering your business on the bridge while we guide you through the rough patches of business life.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a business idea you’d like to develop with us right now. We’re always looking for new people to join our network of early-stage growth companies, where you can gain relevant work experience. Ideally, we will give you the chance to test your wings on the low-threshold oceans of start-up activity, together with a team that is sailing in the same direction.

POTKURI offers a unique opportunity for future top talent to get to know early-stage companies, gain relevant work experience in their field, practice teamwork and presentation skills in a real business environment. In addition, as part of a unique community, you will get to network with talent from different backgrounds.

How can I join POTKURI’s Talent Dock?

A sense of community, initiative, interest in entrepreneurship and business development – these are some of the attributes in people that we are looking for to join the POTKURI Talent Pool. Real future makers with the right attitude and the desire to set sail with the rest of the POTKURI community.

You can join the network by joining the POTKURI Talent Dock -LinkedIn group at the bottom of the page or by following this link. In addition, by submitting your details to our database, you give yourself the best chance of getting involved in POTKURI and our clients’ projects and assignments. You can access your details via the link at the bottom of the page.

The application process

Joining to POTKURI´s Talent Dock - group

Click on the icon above to send a request to join a LinkedIn group. In addition, by adding your details to the POTKURI database at the bottom of the page, you will improve your chances of being considered for the most interesting projects and assignments.

Acceptance to POTKURI Talent Dock

The person will be added to POTKURI's talent pool, giving them the opportunity to get involved in POTKURI's startup projects and network with other future top talent, entrepreneurs and investors. In the Talent Dock, being active is rewarded!

Career opportunities

The members of talent dock are offered projects that match their skills, where they can, among other things, explore the viability of business ideas. In addition, they can be assigned to an innovation project in our client company or recruited directly to our client company.

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