Startup Dock

From idea to startup

Are you looking for new investment opportunities in early-stage growth companies? Would you like to be part of launching new businesses and building start-up boats into future ocean-worthy cruisers?

POTKURI’s startup dock anchors new investors to join our network as we build our ever-expanding growth company fleet


What is POTKURI’s Startup Dock?

We are constantly looking for business ideas from young talents and university students, whose commercial potential we verify thoroughly. Once we find a suitable business idea, we do comprehensive research work with our expert network before launching the actual startup, to assess the future potential, risks, and needs of the innovation. The startup project lowers the risk level of the new company and improves its chances of future success. Ideally, the project team that participated in the research work will also continue as the founding team for the new startup. We make sure that you as an investor can step on board with confidence. When the business idea meets our investment criteria and the company is established, we do not leave the startup boat alone in the open sea, but we invest time, money, and resources in the company’s growth to get it thriving. We strive to provide each company founded from Startup Dock with partners in terms of financing, advisors, and first customers.

Our actual talent network, also called Talent Dock,  consists of young future makers who have the latest skills and knowledge to sail in an ever-changing business environment through their studies. The selection criteria emphasize the collaboration, entrepreneurial attitude, and motivation of the experts, as well as their ability to withstand the business waves.

We are constantly looking for strategic partners for our Startup Dock, to whom we offer unique investment opportunities in startups that are still navigating under the radar.

We now also offer a few investors the opportunity to join us in building our Startup Dock as part of a top team. At the same time, we give investors unique access to growth companies at their very early stages. Often even before they have been properly launched into the water.

As a shareholder of POTKURI, you automatically own a share of every company we launch, and get the first investment opportunity in the startup company launched through Startup Dock.

As a shareholder and member of the investment community of POTKURI, you get access to new early-stage investment opportunities and network with other entrepreneurs and investors. So join us on board and for our journey of building new future success stories.

POTKURI – Steering business.


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