Innovation Dock

On the cutting edge of innovation

Is your company looking for a new and innovative approach to develop your business and create growth? Or do you need new talent to surf on the wave of current megatrends?

With POTKURI’s innovation dock, you can set sail and take your business to the next level. With our ever-growing network of talent, we’ll help you innovate your business and build a seaworthy crew for your company.


What is POTKURI’s innovation portfolio?

The business landscape for companies is in a constant state of flux that seems to be only accelerating.

“How do we respond to the ever-changing business environment?” – That is certainly the question on every company’s bridge. Global competition, technological advances and digitalization offer businesses a wealth of opportunities, but also pitfalls that even the most experienced business savvy can run into. Therefore, an organization that is capable of evolving and understands the challenges of the future is an important competitive advantage for every company, enabling it to navigate towards a successful future.

Through innovation projects, POTKURI provides support and innovation to develop your business – be it market research, a sustainability review or any other business challenge that requires innovation. POTKURI assembles a talent pool of the future’s top talent to bring together the best crew for the project, giving you fresh insights and ideas for future success.

With POTKURI’s network of talent, you’ll also build a seaworthy crew. Whether it’s a permanent job, an internship or a thesis assignment, POTKURI’s talent network and channels will help you reach the right profile for your business needs.

POTKURI’s talent network is built with precision and professionalism to meet the needs of modern working life in all weathers.  Our experts are always up to date with the latest business trends and our selection criteria include a collaborative, entrepreneurial and motivated attitude, as well as the ability to develop and understand business. Our selection is also influenced by a good academic record.

At the same time, our network of talented young people and university graduates offers companies a great target group to market their services and pilot new products among young pioneers.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

POTKURI – Steering business.


Thesis assignments

Accelerate your innovation with a thesis assignment! POTKURI will find a student starting a thesis for your company from its pool of talent that fits your business, and help you shape the business challenge.

Innovation projects

POTKURI provides innovation support to develop your business through its innovation projects. With the help of our talent pool, you can get the latest insights from students on your business, for example on different megatrends.

Talent sourcing

Reach the top talent of the future through POTKURI channels.


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